Why Cable TV Ads


Advertisements in Cable TV

Leverage the full power of the television medium to its optimum value, by using I Need Ads for your brand’s advertisements and reach out to a vast, diverse, hitherto untapped audience on local cable and regional satellite channels in a cost efficient manner.

Television is the leading advertising medium for a vast number of advertisers in India. With 200+ National and Regional Satellite TV channels and equally large number of Local Cable TV channels, the audiences are highly fragmented and reaching them in a cost effective manner is getting to be extremely difficult. Further, the distinct socio-cultural regions in India make it necessary that advertising be communicated in the right language and in a locally relevant context. Given the huge popularity of local cable and the niche regional satellite channels in India, they offer a huge opportunity for advertisers to deliver highly targeted advertising and at a lower cost. The challenge is to be able to aggregate the inventory of these channels across the country to provide a single window for advertisers to buy inventory and provide accountability.

Some unique benefit of this medium are

  • The most affordable outdoor medium.
  • Effective reach amongst 8 to 80 year olds.
  • This mobile hoarding manoeuvres in those areas where even other mediums cannot reach.
  • Auto-Rickshaw stays in prime locations such as Bus-stands, Railways Stations, Malls etc in search of customers, ensuring maximum visibility for your brand.
  • The entire traffic becomes your captive audience, especially at traffic junctions where people need something to read while waiting.