Why Airport Media


3% of the country’s population passes through the Airport’s……these 3% population carries over 40% wealth of the country. Airport Media helps your brand target the top 3% of “difficult people to reach” in the country.

RGI offers the ‘highest media value’ among all the airports in India. Only airport where media units are not an after-thought. They are integral part of the airport architecture and ambience. RGI has lowest ‘per square feet pax density’ resulting into lower anxiety and higher indulgence. Marketers who have used Hyderabad Airport media agree in unison that ‘Hyderabad media units make the brands look very good’ The average passenger flow at RGIA, Hyderabad is 9,52,000 per month.

Some companies even prefer to change the logo when they are not finding the products with older logo, as a potential for sales. Hence, we take proper care hence the logo considered will be admired by many online users. With digital art, our skills in design create a tendency to explore more about our products and services of the company. Customers keenness is maintained with our designs. Logos varies much as per the company services. We analyse and execute for the best results. Our logos are perceived with immense gladness.

Why Advertising Design & Marketing at I Needs Ads

logo-designTo ensure 100% Visibility of all Arriving and Departing passengers by offering multiple, cost effective branding options across all aerobridges and bus gates.

Multiple branding/wrapping packages to choose from, different branding elements like

Interior Branding Package ( for 3 clients)

  • Exterior Arm Wrapping
  • Interior Glass Wrapping
  • Roof suspended head-on sites
  • Wall cladding inside the Aero Bridge
  • Wall wraps
  • Roof Suspended Danglers

Exterior Wrapping Package ( for 1 client)

  • External Wrapping of Moving Arms.
  • Head on Wall Wraps on Interior Rotunda
  • Inside Ceiling Danglers in the Moving Arms.
  • Exterior Wrapping of the Rotunda.

Interior Branding Package

logo-designThe interior branding package is available on all 9 aerobridges and comprises of:

  • Aerobridge panels interior branding.
  • Double sided roof suspended head on site.
  • Head on Walls or Wall Mount Unit (Backlit) on the way to bus gates.
  • Large format Side Panels at Bus gate Arrival corridor.

Advertise on strategic locations targeting 100% Departing & Arriving passengers, giving your brand the best eyeballs thus making it a cost effective and viable option.